Bonnie Kissam

About Bonnie Kissam, M.A.

Bonnie Kissam has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Dance (University of Michigan), and in Exceptional Student Education (University of South Florida). She became a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State in 1980 and a Feldenkrais®Practitioner in 1983. She was fortunate to study with Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc., in his last two years of teaching, with Anat Baniel as his assistant. Bonnie completed Anat’s program for Children with Special Needs.

Bonnie’s intention is to help your son or daughter engage in what he/she is sensing and optimize strategies for a new action in a way that expands his thinking and overall ability.

Bonnie uses movement and the brain’s ability to sense, adapt and grow, to guide your child’s attention and help differentiate his/her sensory experiences in a way that supports discovering new possibilities. Through gentle, specific movements your child is guided to sort for differences and expand his/her physical and cognitive abilities. Infants and children, even those who have not begun to use the spoken language, can learn to differentiate what they sense and learn to move beyond limitations.

Bonnie lease’s space at Living Room Yoga’s location.  Appointments can be made directly with her by calling her  office at (941) 360-2248 or her cell at (941) 587-4535 or emailing her at