…. and the the opposite showed up. RIP Frank.

YT Down DogI listened to more of Ernest Holmes – Man was that guy deep!  I can only listen for short stints.  Unfortunately the guy reading the audio reads too fast for me to process the deepness.  He also sounds disturbingly like Donald Trump so some of my processing time goes to overcoming that….

Yesterday I worked at the VA.  It has been over 90 days since I had worked there so I was hoping I didn’t forget everything.  Plus given my shitty-feeling Thursday I was wondering what I was going to draw into my experience the next day.  I am happy to say that everyone was so nice and patient while I sloughed through the documentation process.  They did not overload me so that even with glitches here and there I was able to finish and leave on time.  So once again, the opposite of what I was expecting showed up.  This time “the opposite” felt in my favor!

Today I am feeling raw because my kitty Frank died.  This happened on Thursday too but I did not really have time to process it until Friday.  Frank was a rescue, along with his brother, Orange.  He was a constant companion when I was writing the 500-hour teacher training, sitting on the edge of my chair staring at me right in the eyes until I figured out a way to pet him while writing.  He was also famous for his massages.  His favorite massage to give was early in the morning when he would massage my bladder area.  This always resulted in my having to get up to pee, making me available to put food in his bowl.   The last 4 years Frank has resided with Aunt Colleen and Uncle Denis.  I am so grateful for the two of them.  Frank was very happy there.

So that I can gather myself to teach my wonderful Saturday yogis, I need to take inventory of that for which I am grateful:

  • The powerful mind.
  • The students I get to teach the wonderful tools of yoga.
  • The tools of yoga.
  • The ability to love deeply.
  • My sensitivity, even though it is a pain literally at times.
  • Breathing.
  • My house.
  • My partner.
  • My health.
  • Enough money.

Off I go.