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Barry Cooper offers several Ayurvedic services to help you maintain a sense of balance and wellbeing based on your own inherent constitution including

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Many plans exist that claim to help you achieve wellness but Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, is the only system that truly takes into account your particular constitution in relation to … well… everything else in your life.

Do you easily gain weight?  Is is easy for you to be a couch potato?  Your primary constitution may be Kapha.  Are you type A?  Do you have a tendency to lose your temper?  You may be primarily Pitta.  Are you tall and willowy?  Do you get “spacey” easily?  You may be Vata.  Each constitution has its gifts and vulnerabilities that can lead to imbalance.  If these imbalances are not managed early, serious illness can occur.

Vata AirWhether or not you are simply aware that your life has slipped out of balance, or you are dealing with serious illness, beginning to follow the principles of Ayurveda will move you toward greater and greater health.  Barry can help you get started with an Ayurvedic consultation.

Western medicine tends to focus on making us un-sick while Ayurveda aims at sick-prevention. By transitioning to living more of an Ayurvedic lifestyle you will not only help to prevent disease but you will let the gifts of your particular constitution shine through more brightly.

Pitta Fire

Not sure what your constitution is?  Schedule an Ayurvedic consultation with Barry by calling or texting 407-468-4023.  (MA42548, MM29887, OT8447).  He will help you begin to take small steps to balance your dosha and experience a greater sense of balance in your life.