Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

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You know you need to make changes in your life to feel better and be healthier, but how do you begin?  Barry helps you begin your process of transformation with an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation that helps you better understand your inherent constitution and what foods, exercise, and herbs help support it.  Remember, the longest journeys begin with a single step!

First Step:  Call or text Barry at 407-468-4023 arrange a consultation.  Barry will send you a questionnaire to fill out.

Second Step:  Fill out the questionnaire and submit it to Barry.  He will schedule your appointment within a few days of you filling out your paperwork.  This will ensure the information is as current as possible.

Third Step:  Show up!  In this 90 minute meeting, Barry will go over your questionnaire with you so that you understand the results as well as discuss any current physical, emotional, or mental issues you are having.

Fourth Step: After analyzing your data, Barry will meet with your for  a report of findings meeting to initial recommendations that are manageable for you in terms of diet, exercise, herbal supplements, body work, and other lifestyle changes you can begin to implement.

Fifth Step:  Do your homework!  Do your best to follow through on the recommendations Barry sets out for you so that you can begin to notice shifts toward a feeling of greater health and well-being, including the bodywork recommendations.

Sixth Step:  Establish a schedule of follow-up visits to keep making lifestyle changes toward greater and greater health!

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