Cheers to Barry Cooper

I want to take this opportunity to appreciate Barry Cooper.

Babe, you are a complicated, caring, passionate man.

You are a fabulous cook, Ayurvedic expert, massage therapist and yoga teacher.  You think, speak, and live what you teach.

You are always caring about my needs – massaging away my aches and pains and making sure the house is clean, my uniforms are washed, that I have a healthy, nourishing meal waiting for me.

You care about spending time with me and keep my need for good, deep, meaningful conversation satisfied.

We get better and better together as we assume less, ask more clarifying questions, more often stay inside the love bubble to work out our misunderstandings, laugh more, and have more fun.

You challenge me in ways I never anticipated. You love me in ways I never anticipated either.

You are on the last leg of your intensive education, fulfilling your goal of being an Ayurvedic Practitioner. I am so proud of you! Enjoy this last bit and then fly with it, my love!