End of the Year Letter 2017

Each year since the founding of Living Room Yoga I, as founder and director, have written an end of the year letter summing up the year’s gathered wisdom. Here is wisdom 2017…


  1. Be content now. Be happy now. Laugh now. Enjoy now. No waiting until this happens or that happens. I will always be waiting for something!
  2. No matter how stressed I am or how much my loved one is driving me crazy, stay inside the love bubble (Wisdom from my friend and occasional therapist, Lynne Spinney). Don’t say mean things when I fight. Always have my loved one’s back. Never make them feel thrown under the bus. Keep my faith strong in them. Always let them know that my love never waivers.
  3. Find out my loved one’s love language and do that. Do they need words of affirmation? Gifts? Acts of service? Affection? Find out how they experience love the best and do that for them. It works for lovers, children, parents, and friends too.
  4. Read and religiously practice The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (see 5-8).
  5. Be impeccable with my word. Say what I mean. Mean what I say. Build up with my words. Use the most positive powerful words available to me not only in the words that I speak but also the words that I think.
  6. Take nothing personally. If someone tells me how awful I am, remember their insult is not about me; it is about them. If someone gushes about how wonderful I am, it is still not about me. Still. About. Them.
  7. Make no assumptions. We make assumptions without realizing we are making assumptions. Someone does not return our “good morning.” We think, “They don’t like me.” It could be they are hard of hearing. It could be that they got terrible news and their mind is occupied with that. They could be occupied with self-hatred. Whenever possible ask clarifying questions about whatever you are tempted to make assumptions about until you know what is really going on. I found out recently that I had been making assumptions about something for about 5 and half years. I was behaving all this time as if those assumptions were true. During a disagreement it finally came to light. This was a transformative moment. Asking clarifying questions about 5 ½ years ago would have been preferable. Just saying….
  8. Always do my best.   Sometimes I’m tired. Sometimes I’m at the top of my game. No matter what, just do the best I can do in any given circumstance.   Do my best and have no shame. No guilt. No regrets.
  9. I am allowed to be human. I saw this on a marquee on the way home from work. This was a big “aha” moment. I felt my whole body relax. I had thought I had put my perfectionism to bed. Not. So. Much.
  10. Be present. This comes up every year. My schedule was so relentless this year that it was always tempting to be thinking about “the next thing” all the time. Convincing sick people to do tasks they really don’t feel like doing requires genuine presence, genuine connection. In working with clients and yoga students, presence was required to channel the divine via intuition and to enable healing. Genuine presence and connection also made life enjoyable and kept me relatively sane. Relatively.
  11. Be myself. Show up. Be present. Be myself. Pressure off.
  12. Send love ahead of my arrival. Send love to my co-workers, to my patients, to my clients. Transform the whole day. (But I still don’t do this consistently. Why?)
  13. The body never lies. It will always point to the right way if I listen. I was recently faced with a fork in the road. Both directions made sense in some way. When I thought about moving in one direction, I felt tightness in my solar plexus. When I thought about the other direction, I felt lightness in my heart. Guess which won? (Maybe next year it will not take me two weeks to listen to my heart when faced with a decision.)
  14. Spirituality cannot fully take the place of sleep, rest, down time, and exercise. Tired is tired. Need is need.
  15. Just love. Patients and clients do not always make the best decisions in their lives. Sometimes those decisions bring them to a very dark and fragile place. I don’t have to judge any of that. I can allow them to just show up, be present, and be human like I am human. I can believe they are doing their very best like I am doing my best. I can practice unconditional positive regard and they feel that. That is love.

Happy holidays and much love to you all!