The evidence-based benefits of yoga are many… 

  • Flexibility and range of motion.
  • Strength. 
  • Muscle tone and definition.
  • Balance.
  • Joint Health.
  • Back health.
  • Better breathing. 
  • Mental calmness.
  • Decreased inflammation.
  • Pain relief.
  • Better coping.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Improved mobility.

Living Room Yoga offers several yoga options

Drop-in Classes on Zoom

Drop-in classes are open to anyone to … well… drop in.  We offer cueing in classes to accommodate most students whether they are beginners or more advanced practitioners.  We can accommodate those with injury in most cases with a chat ahead of time.   If you have any questions at all regarding which class is right for you or whether you might need to begin with private instruction, please call or text Stacy at 727-826-4754.  Register Now

Drop-In Fee…$14

5 Classes…$65 

10 Classes…$120

20 Classes $220

Yoga Therapy

If you are dealing with a mental or physical health issue, you may benefit from yoga therapy with Stacy.  Learn more here.  

Private Yoga Instruction

Do you prefer one-on-one instruction?  Sign up for private instruction with Barry Cooper.  You can text or call 407-468-4023 with questions. Make an Appointment with Barry

60 min $75

90 min Assessment $118

Three Pack of 60-minute Massages $210

Five Pack of 60-minute Massage $345

Ten Pack of 60-minute Massage $675

Yoga for Scoliosis

If you are interested in learning yoga techniques to relieve scoliosis pain and correct your curve, please join our monthly Yoga for Scoliosis class that meets the second Saturday of the month.  Learn more here.