Ongoing Private Classes

Forming Your Own Ongoing Class

  • Participants in ongoing private classes pay monthly one week before the beginning of the new month.
  • The total cost is the number of sessions in the month times the cost per class (see below).
  • Per person cost is the total divided by the number of participants.

Steps to Form Your Own Class

  1. Call to discuss a time that will work for your group.
  2. Obtain a total for your first month of classes from Living Room Yoga.
  3. Print out and submit the 2017 Living Room Yoga Private Class Contract with signatures of all participants and payment for the first month of classes.
  4. Have each participant must fill out a New Student Form before participating in the first class.

Ongoing Payments

A week before the next payment is due, Living Room Yoga will email all participants to ask who plans to participate the following month.  Price per participant will be communicated to all participants based on the response to the email.  Payment from each participant is due one week before the new month begins.   Please note, once you have given verbal or email agreement to participate in the class, you are obligated for the following month.

 Making Up Missed Classes

Should you miss one of your private classes, you can attend a drop-in class with the same teacher during the same month as the class missed (or within one week should you miss the last class of the month).

Joining an Existing Private Class

We currently have two ongoing private classes.  One is on Mondays from 4:30-5:30 pm.  The other is on Thursdays from 6:00-7:15 pm.  If either of these class times appeals to you, please call 727-826-4754 to inquire about joining.