Happy Gratitude Day!

It seems like ages since I have posted here and I miss it.  As I was driving home from my job job last night (Saint Anthony’s, not Living Room Yoga) I was overcome by a sense of gratitude and knew it was time to write a good juicy blog post.

Seven years ago began a tumultuous period of my life that included divorce, almost losing my business and ultimately downsizing and moving it, navigating a new relationship, the death of my mother, moving three times myself and ultimately buying a house, two job losses and multiple job changes with no security and loss of benefits, working multiple “as needed” jobs where I was always trying to prove I was valuable enough to hire full-time….  I was always striving, striving, striving, trying to get to the next place (literally and figuratively), rushing, trying to catch up and never feeling like I could.

Just about a year ago I finally landed a full-time position with St. Anthony’s Hospital.  This came with bennies, a highly structured environment, many co-workers co-existing in a tight space, high expectations, and a fast pace.  I love it.  I truly feel at ease at work.  I love my co-workers  and bosses, I laugh, I work hard, I feel appreciated, I know what is expected of me, what is expected of me is reasonable, I am proud of where I work, I get a great amount of personal time off, and I feel like on most days I make a difference.  I feel like I can breathe.  For all this I am very very grateful.  Thank you Dawn Lynch and Vicki Darlington for vouching for me.

On top of that, Living Room Yoga is thriving with Barry completing his Ayurvedic education and building his Ayurvedic and massage practice while my yoga therapy and cranial therapy practice grows with longstanding clients and students as well as a steady influx of new ones.  Both Barry and I are continuing education providers and opportunities continue to present themselves to share what we know with other professionals.    LRY is an outlet for us to express our creativity as well as our intuitive and healing talents.  What more could we ask for?

Not that my schedule is easy – I still essentially have two full-time gigs and by Friday most weeks I am toast (sometimes by Thursday).  But I am grateful, love all that I get to do and don’t know how I would nix any of it.  So my list of gratitudes is very long this year.  I am grateful for

1.  Barry who loves me passionately, cooks healthy meals for me, celebrates my birthdays, and keeps the home environment from falling into complete disarray, not to mention massages my weary body with his healing hands.  He also brings flowy-ness to my type A world and is a magnificent healer, massage therapist, Ayurvedic practitioner, and yoga teacher.

2.  My students and clients at living room yoga who make me laugh, make me proud, and provide me the opportunity to use my creativity, intuition, and healing skills – some of you have been with me for eons and I thank you ( I started to name you all here but became anxious that I would forget someone!).

3.  All who have served LRY over the years – Karen Seidler who served Living Room Yoga for the last 8 years or so and who kept LRY going during some tough times, Jane Arnold, Karen’s predecessor, who served with devotion during LRY’s move to 16th Street, its first teacher training, and its first retreat,  Gail Walker who gave so generously to LRY during her tenure there, Sally Watson, my first yoga teacher, mentor, and friend, Linn Sennott and Bethany Peabody who have made huge contributions to LRY as well, Jennifer Lachtara for her marketing genius. and Barbara Allen who has been a steadfast presence at LRY over the last year with her wonderful yin yoga and willingness to sub for me so I can take time away.  I am also grateful for my landlords, the Nguyens, who are always responsive to issues at the studio and who just put in a new air conditioner in the back room.

4.  Family.  My sister Lisa who always has my back and the rest of my Indiana family.  Aunt Jan and Uncle Bob who keep in touch with me, remember my birthday, and are generally much better about keeping in touch than I am.  Jeevan who challenges me every single moment as I try to be the best parent I can be with limited experience (I guess most parents probably feel that way).  And again Barry.

5.  Friends.  My core confidants and friends Christina Package, Anne Gamache, Anita Chauvin, Kim Page, Mary Ellen Collins, Lisa Thornsberry.  You help keep the sanity boat afloat and keep me laughing.

6.  My home.  Almost three years in and there are many many projects that need to be done but I love having my home to return to after a long day.

7.  My health.  Finding ways to increase movement – walking in our wonderful November weather here in Florida.  My 6 minute cardio workout ap on my phone which sadly kicks my ass most days.  Finding new Asics shoes at Dick’s for a very reasonable price yesterday to absorb some impact!  Increased flexibility with my yin practice.  Increased stability personally.  Resilience.  Each hour of sleep I get (they are precious).  Hormone replacement.

8.  Seeing my finances improve.  Debts going down.  Bank account going up.  Hard work paying off.  Meeting many of my goals I set last year (permanent job, online courses, continuing ed courses).

9.  Realizing the past is never wasted, even the hard times.  What doesn’t kill us truly makes us stronger and more resilient.  Relationships we build now can have big impacts later.  I met Vicki Darlington in 1998 and she helped me get my dream job 20 years later (and we butt heads quite a bit back then too!).  I worked with Jouni Zidbeck at Ed White Hospital.  After Ed White closed he became the rehab director for Healthsouth (now Encompass Health).   I was able to reach out to him on a patient’s behalf to ask him to take a chance on my patient who had been rejected by every acute rehab program.  He trusted me enough to accept the patient.

10.  And finally I am grateful for today.  Coffee at Black Crow Coffee.  A long walk along the breezy bay.  A heavenly meal of vegetarian comfort food.   And now, rest.