My Journey to Ease Day 199 – Taking Care of Energy Drainers

Yesterday I made some progress toward giving the studio a little face-lift and addressing the echo issue.   This feels really good because it is addressing some issues that have been niggling at the back of my mind for quite a while.  Cheryl Richardson, in her book Take Time for Your Life lists all the energy drainers that can take up residence in your life.  Taking care of them frees you up to be even more present and energetic in the moment.  Sometimes issues have been present for so long we are no longer consciously aware of them.  Yet, like a leaky faucet, they continue to drain us.  Examples are appliances that need to be fixed, phone calls that need to be made, tasks that need to be done "someday"… you get the idea.  A good way to become conscious of all that is draining you is to go from room to room and sit.  Really see the room.  As you scan each aspect of the room, write down all that needs to be done there.  Do the same in your yard, garage, and car.  Notice which tasks have been niggling at you the most and create and action plan for completing them.  Notice the surge of energy you get each time to complete an item from your action plan.  When you have enough energy for the challenges of your life, it creates much more space and ease – at least for me.