My Journey to Ease Day 250 – Let Go and Trust

I drove to Wesley Chapel yesterday to exchange cranial sacral treatments with Molly who went through the unwinding the meridians course with me.  I happened to be on the 3rd day of my "woman time."  Right before my treatment from Molly my left ovary and left low back became intensely painful.  This was very strange because I had been fine all morning.  Molly saw it as the body sensing it was about to receive help and making its needs for healing known.  Needless to say, my issue was completely resolved by the end of the treatment.  Apparently I was storing some anger and resentment in my body in and around the ovaries.  Molly sensed that both of my ovaries were actually twisted in my body.  When Molly asked me about anger and resentment around the age of 15 two incidents came to mind immediately.  As I acknowledged them she felt a huge release in my body and sensed my ovaries actually untwisting.  Of course the proof of this was the resolution of the intense pain I was feeling.  

Since our training Molly has been focusing on one aspect of what we learned (menus) while I have focused on another (unwinding).  She used the technique well.  After lunch it was my turn to treat Molly.  Without violating Molly's privacy let's just say that Molly's body was unwinding all over the place.  She too relayed some painful past experiences and as she did her body released its pain.  Amazing.

We both went into our exchange with a little bit of self-doubt.  Am I really as skilled as I think?  Am I less skilled than her?  Will I fail?  As soon as we let go of our thinking minds, set our intentions on the highest good for the other, and allowed our hands to "hear" the body all the self-doubt went out the window.  Amazing results.  Amazing.