November 28 Gratitudes, Intentions, AfFORMations, & Awareness

Today I am grateful for a great night's sleep, finishing my Christmas cards and laundry, the space heater, running into Amy Sauter in the grocery store, Sunday morning coffee and paper, and my 10th applicant for the teacher training – Kathryn Peter, all the wonderful teachers, staff, students, and clients at Living Room Yoga.
Today I intend to listen to my inner voice and proceed accordingly.
AfFORMations:  Why does my emotional resilience return in short order?  I return to the practices that bring it about, including light and healthy eating.  I keep my mind on the present.  I choose positive thoughts. 
Awareness of body:  Discomfort in right blade and neck.  Achy low back.
Emotions:  Emotions are right under the surface.  HORMONES!  A little agitated, sad, anxious.
Thoughts:  I need to make sure I take my progesterone more regularly – I can really tell the difference.  I am watching 20/20's interview with the Obamas.  I still respect them so much.  They have had a nightmare to deal with thanks to the previous administration and are holding up well.
Breath:  Deep
Spirit:  Connecting ….