Yoga for working out the kinks

When I got up this morning, my body felt like it had been scrunched. I had a long work day yesterday, and that involved riding on airplanes, toting and lifting heavy bags, moving heavy carts, pulling and tugging on stuck compartments, and trying to keep my balance in the cabin during turbulence, and that's just some of what my body experienced! As a flight attendant, I am exposed to a very unfriendly and physically demanding environment, so in order to continue to perform my duties, I must keep my body strong and healthy. My yoga practice has enabled me to do just that. When I woke up this morning feeling stiff and achy, I began to put my yoga to work. Standing against the wall to straighten my posture, and doing a mini practice in my hotel room, I immediately felt better, and more back in balance. As I stood there in Tree pose, looking at the park outside my window, I felt so grateful for my yoga practice, and so happy, knowing that I can come back here anytime, to this place where I can connect with myself, and and help myself feel better, feel more balanced. That, to me, is the miracle of yoga.